I partner with agencies & leading brands to create beautiful apps.

As a programmer who prioritizes good design, I have extensive digital agency experience and have helped big brands such as Adidas, Wrangler and Sotheby's design new products to meet people’s evolving lifestyles.

I start every project with the belief that the attention to detail combined with positive attitude make highest quality work possible. You can craft fantastic user experiences by just keeping things simple.

See what I do

Collaborated with some of the biggest brands out there

I help bring digital products to market

I have a blend of programming expertise and eye for design. Each client collaborates on a project with me. The constant is I always bring knowledge of Web and Mobile Software Development, Backend Development refined by decades of experience.


I partner with clients to develop, launch and operate web & mobile applications.


I design user experiences and interfaces for digital products.

Graphic Design

I commission designers from my network to create brands, marketing websites, illustrations and icons.

Armed with dependable, modern tooling

Ruby on Rails

I chose Ruby on Rails because of its mature ecosystem with great test driven development toolchain, that really helps to iterate quicker.

iOS & Android

I build hybrid and native mobile applications for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

JavaScript Frameworks

I prefer battle-tested Javascript frameworks such as Backbone and Angular.

Amazon AWS & Heroku

Most of the products I deliver are deployed on Amazon Web Services or Heroku, depending on stakeholder requirements.

Seek to underpromise and overdeliver


I like to approach each of my clients with a well-defined process in mind, yet remain flexible to satisfy their unique requirements. I will make sure it feels like you're with the right team all the way through the project.

For me, getting to know my clients is half of the solution. I think understanding the product, business and goals of the client is critical to be able to prioritize as I develop an extensive roadmap to meet the budgets and timelines.


Part of any creative process is working within constraints. That's why before I start designing, I define the high-level information architecture and structure for the project. I define what the user stories will be and what the user journey should be like. I then plan where content needs to go, and how users will access it.

Detailed wireframes are created for the basic building blocks of the application such as navigation, headers, buttons and other user interface elements.

At this stage, the complex parts of the project are often shared as interactive prototypes or demo videos.

The wireframes then become a compelling visual style guide. The style guide is supported by the brand guidelines I set out in the beginning. The wireframes along with the style guide is then presented to the client for review and approval.

Once I have the client’s approval, I produce all the UI screens, listed in the wireframes.


My work is labor of love, and as with everything I do, I take quality assurance seriously. As soon as intermediate versions become available, I start looking for bugs and I never stop. I continue testing intermediate versions for regressions, as the project comes together.

I use issue tracking systems to document and fix every issue I find. I use a continuous integration approach to build and test the project. My clients are instantly notified when a new version is available to view, and they can provide feedback on it right away.

Deploy & Improve

I like the underpromise and overdeliver way of thinking. I also know that many decisions are hard to make upfront, and that often it's best to iterate and refine those as the project progresses.

Launch is not the end of the journey for me. I like to make ourselves available for any improvements, fixes or new ideas that often ripen by launch time. I also like to understand how people use the newly launched app through advanced analytics. This both enables us to measure and react to user behavior, making sure all business goals are satisfied.